10 years of expertise, 1 decade of success.

About Us

Boston Medical Care ( BMC) is a Qatar based polyclinic and a joint venture between American and Qatari businessmen who have an exceptional experience in health care service. The clinics were conceptualized with the highest priority given to effective treatment planning as a tool to provide permanent result and high quality of service and under American management. With the “patients first” in mind, they develop a passion for excellence that aims on exceeding the patient’s expectation at all times.

Our mission to deliver the best care to our patients is supported by experienced team of doctors, specialists and allied health professionals. To provide optimum results, Boston Medical Care utilizes state of the art and advanced equipment which are always updated in accordance to the advancement of technology. Continuous training is imposed to all team members to be updated with the latest technique in delivering quality care as well as to improve their skills and abilities.

Apart from providing ambient individual treatment room for patient’s under our care to ensure their privacy and comfort; Boston Medical Care gives high priority to hygiene and sterility. The usage of disposable supporting equipment and materials is mandatory. On top of that, instruments are sterilized using an autoclave that is set to its international standards. With all these attributes, we are confident that we will be recognized as a medical care provider that has its patient’s general welfare at heart.


The management has taken reasonable care in establishing the medical center to provide health care in compliance with the standards set by the Supreme Council of Health. Our center is certified by the highest commission of health council in Qatar and has given the legal permit to operate.

The safety of the patients under our care is our topmost priority and for this reason that we equipped the center with fire alarm system and calibrated radio graphic machines.The radiation inside the dental clinics and x-ray rooms had been measured by qualified technician sent by the Supreme Council of Health to ensure that the radiation is not scattered and within the acceptable dose. The walls and doors are enhanced by lead for enhanced protection. Our center has given accreditation for meeting both fire and radiation safety standards.

Our Team

Our team of experts is a member of several associations on their field of expertise. The company being inspired by American health standard is likewise embodied of medical doctors, dentists and specialists recognized by respective American associations. Our medical team members have likewise respective medical association from their respective countries, as well as countries where they practiced their profession.

Medical treatment is continuously evolving thru the development of new system, treatment and machines that aid in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Apart from having a unique academic background, our medical team’s goal is to coincide with the growth in the medical field thru active participation in continuing education programs and workshops.